How I Work

Most people are nervous about working with a health and nutrition coach because they are afraid they’ll be told they can never eat their favorite food again!  Or they’ll have to follow a strict, inflexible diet plan!  Or they’ll have to live at the gym!  Or they’ll have to spend a small fortune on products peddled by the coach!

What I won’t do:

I don’t work with another company, so I won’t try to get you to buy another product (unless I truly believe that product is what is best for you).

I won’t tell you that you can never eat pizza (or ice cream) again.

I won’t tell you that you have to overhaul your entire lifestyle in the next two weeks in order to succeed.

What I will do:

I will meet with you on a regular basis, on your schedule, to support you in making small but meaningful changes.

I will help you to arrange your environment, within your comfort level, to maximize the results from  your efforts.

I will teach you habits that work in the real world that will work even AFTER we stop working together.

And most importantly:

I will show you how you can still eat pizza (or ice cream) in a healthy diet.


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