Eat Better, Feel Better

Work has been crazy stressful the last few weeks.  Like, tears on the drive home stressful.  It’s times like these that it is soooo tempting and soooo easy to let my nutrition take a back seat.

“Today was rough.  I totally deserve a milkshake on the way home.”  

“Ugh…I haven’t had time to pee today, let alone think about dinner.  Maybe we’ll just order take out.”

But I’ll let you in on a secret:  When I eat better, I feel better.  Truth.  While takeout and milkshakes are easy and comforting in the moment, I usually end up feeling bloated, headache-y, and just blech afterward.  Not to mention a dose of “why-did-I-do-that” on top of the stress of the day.

I’ll repeat what I’ve said before:  There is nothing wrong with a treat now and then.  And sometimes pizza delivery seems like a miracle sent from God him/herself.  But….

When I eat better, I feel better.

This is where the preparation that makes you all think I’m crazy really pays off.

Over the summer, I canned (among other things) apple butter and cherry jelly.

I have a canister of the dry ingredient mix for my bread ready to go.

And making yogurt is easy enough it can be done on a school night.


I present to you….Today’s Lunch:  a peanut butter and homemade apple butter sandwich on homemade bread.  Homemade yogurt sweetened with homemade cherry jelly.  Organic roasted cauliflower.

Not only did I have the energy to get through the rest of my day, I felt so incredibly accomplished looking at that humble lunch sitting on my desk.   It wasn’t fancy, but I did that! And that feeling is ten times better than the hollow comfort of leftover pizza.

….Someone remind me of that on my drive home next week…