Healthy-er Nuggets and Fries

Tonight’s dinner brought to you by two more days of school before Christmas break, a cold, and nostalgia.

‘Tis the week before Christmas break, and all through the school…teachers were just trying to stumble across the finish line with their dignity intact.

This time of year, I also always seem to develop a cold.   This year it’s ONLY in my ears.  So weird.  No other cold symptoms, except the world sounds like I’m listening through cotton balls.

It’s times like this that one starts to crave the familiar and the nostalgic.  Tonight, that’s chicken nuggets and french fries.

But have you ever looked at the label of frozen french fries and chicken nuggets?  More sodium than you will ever need in one meal…hard to pronounce ingredients…and mystery meat.

(Not that I’m above a bag of frozen french fries when the occasion calls for it.  I usually look for this brand.  Organic, fewer ingredients, and mostly pronounceable.)

Tonight I adapted this recipe from Skinnytaste for the chicken nuggets.  (If you haven’t checked out her site, DO IT NOW!  She’s a mom and a nutritionist, so her recipes are kid friendly and actually doable.)  The nuggets were a total hit with the four year old and didn’t really take that long or that much effort to make.  More effort than opening a bag, but less than a hospital stay due to high blood pressure from excessive sodium.


The fries are something that we’ve been working on for years with varying levels of success.  Honestly, my husband is better at them than I am…but he wasn’t home to make them tonight.  Mine usually get soggy while his are a little crispier.  The basic process is  slice potatoes, drizzle in olive oil, season with pepper and garlic powder, bake.  And honestly, I’m not willing to put much more effort into oven fries than that…so they are what they are.


(I really need to work on my food photography skills.  The “finished product” picture did not look appetizing at all…so I’ll spare you.  Also, anyone got a better system for oven fries?  Why do mine always turn out soggy when my husband’s, who does the same thing, are crispier?)


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