I’m Busy, and So Are You

Hi.  I missed you.  Did you miss me?15094977_10100843694132575_8133480127859346676_n

In theory, October is one of my favorite months of the year.  I love the leaves turning (they’ve been particularly spectacular this year), the cooler temperatures, and gearing up for the holidays.

In practice, October kicks my butt.  Every.Single.Year.  We are usually passing some sort of illness around the family (this year it was LICE.  Gag).  School is in full swing without a break in sight…just day after day after 15079047_10100843693493855_7578682746056025333_nday.  The days are getting shorter, so it doesn’t seem like we have as much time to get stuff done when we get home.  And did I mention that, to add insult to injury, October has the nerve to have 31 days?  I think we should all petition to have October and February switch places.

So here’s a recap of how my diet survives when life gets busy:

  1.  Prepping:  Thank God I canned some soups over the summer.  When it’s late; or I’m busy; or I haven’t had time to go to the bathroom that day, let alone think about dinner, I can go down to the basement and pull out a jar of my hard work.  The Italian sausage is awesome and I have to keep myself from just pulling a jar off the shelf every night.  The chicken enchilada…not so much.  But it is healthy and nourishing, and like Mom always said:  if you’re hungry, you’ll eat it.  Right?  (But I’m not making it again next year)15107199_10100843696003825_3609926102368654055_n
  2. Give myself some grace:  The world is not going to end if we eat store bought bread for a month.  And, for the month of October, I will be better person for it.
  3. Arrange my environment:  I try my hardest to only have healthy snacks on hand.  When emotions and stress are running high, it would be entirely too easy to reach for a handful of cookies instead of an apple.  So by eliminating that choice, I set myself up for success instead of failure.
  4. Disposable is my friend:  Crockpot liners.  Throw away casserole dishes.  Paper plates.  The only thing I have to wash is the pan I cooked dinner in.  This isn’t a permanent solution…but for the month of October, it will have to do.

*Breathe,* my friends.  October is over.  Thanksgiving is right around the corner.  Soon, we will be able to hunker down under our blankets and hibernate the winter away.


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