My Story- Part 1


No decision is made in isolation.

Ripples in the pond.

A journey of a thousand miles.

In May of 2008, I graduated from college in Pennsylvania.  Two months later I moved to South Carolina with my then boyfriend (later husband).  A perfect storm of unhealthy habits began:

– I moved away from everyone I knew (except for one) and was thrust into a job that was MUCH harder and MUCH more emotionally taxing than I expected.  Cue emotional eating.

– I had disposable cash like I had never seen before.  While I wasn’t exactly rolling in the dolla’ dolla’ bills, rent was cheap and responsibilities were few.  Thus began eating out four or five nights a week.

– Speaking of restaurants, South Carolina isn’t part of the heart attack belt for nothing.  After only a few months of being there, we went to a local town festival.  There was a food truck with fried fruit.  FRIED FRUIT.1927909_520329997935_7961_n

Now, I will be the first to preach to you about personal accountability…no excuses…responsibility for your decisions and accepting consequences for your actions.

But you also need to have the tools and information to make the best decisions (see: life philosophy).  Which, at the time of this story, I didn’t have.


Two years and thirty pounds later, we decided to move back home.  The physical for my new job was the first time I had stepped on the scale in a long time, and I realized then that I was heavier than I had ever been.  And I knew I never wanted to see that number again.

Coming soon:  How I changed things, and how you can too.


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